In the orange zone…with Spektre Sunglasses!

I was always obsessed with the color orange, loving its warmth, and vibrant energy.  I am excited that for the Fall 2014 season, ‘orange is the new black’ and this gave me a perfect excuse to start looking for accessories to pair up with the orange part of my wardrobe (as you can imagine, not insignificant)!  Since I live in a tropical climate, my number one accessory and ‘daily essential’ for my trips, are  sunglasses. Although I have many pieces, I realized that orange is actually missing.

The timing couldn’t have been better, when at the recent Paris fashion week I meet the lovely Spektre Sunglasses team from Milan.  They were presenting a great new collection, full of striking colorful mirror shades….  How could I resist? I forgot about the time, and got lost in the Spektre showroom, trying on every style on display…

The outcome? I instantly fell in love with the classic tortoise shell shaped pair, with ‘hot’ beaming orange mirror lenses, changing its color from yellow to deep red, based on the intensity of sun!  Minutes later I walked out onto the Parisian streets sporting this crowd-stopping piece, and a day later back at home, where I’ve been wearing them every day now, collecting compliments wherever I go….Can you see why?

spektre detail2Orange home2


Spektre detail

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