Getting lost in Brooklyn’s art district with my ‘Prada twin’…

Fashion is an art! To say that I am in love with this unbelievable art-piece developed by PRADA in collaboration with the artist Pierre Mornet, would be an understatement. This PRADA face coat with my imaginary twin, is by far my most favorite Fall wardrobe item.
For an art junky there could not be a better occasion then wearing it out on to a street-art venue in full progress. The Bushwick Collective is a Street Art Project with artists from all over the world showcasing their work on the walls of Brooklyn (Bushwick) this week…..Me and my ‘Prada twin’ blend in with the street-art in this quaint part of town, where inspiration is brewing on every corner……Pure bliss!! Check it out.




Coat, purse and eyewear: PRADA
Shoes: DIOR sneaker heels, MIUMIU flats
Skirt: MARNI
Hosiery: WALDORF
Photo credits:
Leanna Valente,
Bytegirl Photography
Scott Hugh Mitchell

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