Opening of Cindy Crawford Lounge

Fashion photographer Marco Glaviano hosted the opening of the Cindy Crawford lounge at the Context exhibit of Art Basel 2014. The author of Cindy’s most iconic images displays his work in the contemporary white lounge-set of the Miami Art tents this week…IMG_4274
On his work with Cindy and the photography choices for the installation he shared with me: ‘Cindy displays healthy image for today’s woman….feminine curves, healthy life, no drugs. She is a mother, a wife, a businesswoman..she is intelligent, beautiful, healthy girl’…World renowned photographer suggests that Cindy’s photos have an iconic appeal of Marilyn Monroe…

Cindy Crawford came to see the exhibit herself, walking hand-in-hand with her husband Rende Gerber, looking youthfully, fit and glamorous….The couple made a superstar appearance, as the VIP and press viewers flooded the lounge in a matter of seconds.
From the moment that she arrived, Glaviano’s words were confirmed. Cindy’s big disarming smile and warm personality filled up the room instantly with a ‘healthy aura’, as she was welcoming her fans, offering interviews and exchanging greetings with the crowd.cindy 2

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