Vivienne Westwood for Summer 2014 & the street styles outside the show!

Westwood’s gold label collection was one of the most expected highlights of the fashion week. The line was inspired by medieval pilgrims. Models faces were painted as if a mud was splattered on them, cloths were rustic, wrinkled and torn at the times, as if worn all day strolling trough the woods. Fitted bodices, maxi ruffles, asymmetric draping and cuts, gown-like skirts, skimpy dresses and shorts-suits, were skillfully assembled on the models, styled with over-the-top punk up dos, and effortlessly walking the in typical Westwood mega-platforms…
Westwoodawestwood 2Outside arrivals ‘scene’ made it for an experience on its own. Crowd went ecstatic when Pamela Anderson and Iggy Azalea made an unexpected appearance. Some of the most trendy and eccentric fashionistas that typically come to Westwood show were stopping the traffic, getting photographed in the mob of journalists on busy Rue du 4 Septembre…Everyone of ‘fashion pack’ wanted to be there. Street styles at the entrance were just as innovative and provocative as the collection pieces, setting the stage for what was seen inside Le Centorial during the runway show and elevating the ‘street fashion’ to whole new level (modiste in own design – second from the top)

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