Time to count down…

Do you have your New Year’s Eve look ready? 2013 was certainly trend-generous year! Modiste is bringing you 10 tips assembled from top 2013 trends, that will help you style for your New Years fete.

Trend#1: go GOLD!! Gold and metallics rocked at all 2013 parties!
l-or-s-empare-de-cannesTrend#2: feathers are ‘it”-hit for any New Years Eve!
feathersTrend#3: mini dresses in figurative prints.


Trend#4: length is classy and innocentā€¦transparent finish adds a perfect dose of ‘sexy’…
Trend#5: let your eyes pop in smoky shades, shimmer in gold/glitter, or go wild on color….
Trend#6: over-the-top fascinator with face veil, will fascinate!
Trend#7: 2013 was about transparency, with clever coverage where appropriateā€¦.
Trend#8: inspirations from the queen of party look – Donatella’s Versace 2013 runways.
Trend#9: midi or long sequin dresses, mixed with unexpected hats or barrettes. Tres chic!
Trend#10: crown yourself with 2013 hat trends: head wraps, feathers, florals or any wild party head pieces…
Happy New Year’s Eve and have a fantastic 2014!!!

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