Acne Studios for Summer 2014

Swedish brand known for its functionalistic, contemporary clothing, denim and envirnmental philosophy, celebrated two important milestones during Paris Fashion Week: opening of the second Parisian store and runway show Spring 2014 at the Grand Palais, both with great success. Audience loved denim pieces, leather perforated items, oversized plague buckles, wooden platform flip-flops, and modern white ensambles in the collection by Jonny Johansson, influenced by military and work cloths.
ACNE STUDIOacne studios 1
And the opening party with fashion A-listers in the attendnace was just as much fun….Mattias Magnusson, CEO and chairman of the company (middle right with Modiste) is not only sharp businessman, moving this brand full steam ahead, but as it turned out great host, the most down to earth conversionalist and fun company you would want to hang out with….Watch out for Acne Studios – thery are here, stronger then ever, expanding and growing their fan base rapidly each fashion week season.IMG_2847IMG_2836IMG_2853IMG_2888IMG_2842IMG_2780IMG_2893

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