Poolside gingham style!

Staying out of the sun? Not an option for me! The sun is a great source of vitamin D, it relaxes sore muscles after a work out, and is a perfect mood booster….But protecting my skin with high SPF factor (50 the minimum) and good coverage, i.e. an umbrella on the beach and long sleeves for water sports, is a non negotiable!

This weekend I am loving a retro style gingham top by Rag & Bone, styled with checkered sunnies by Top Shop.  Since a little color doesn’t hurt, reds for the lips add a fun contrast to blue water. This time my picks are Dior lipstick in mate finish and Chanel vintage sandals! Happy Saturday everyone!!


Top: Rag & Bone
Sunglasses: Top Shop
Sandals: Chanel

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