Behind the scenes of ‘Lola Hats’ and why A-listers want them…

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, J.Lo, Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Donna Karan, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, Grace Jones, Vika Gazinskaya….Many A-listers are seen in Lola Hats. So why does everyone want them? Lets take a look behind the scenes…Lola8

The success of this brand starts with the inspiring story of its founder and creative director, Lola Ehrlich. The New York based French (magazine) editor quit her job in late 80s at her professional prime time and decided to pursue her passion in hat design.  Lola learned all aspects of hat manufacturing beyond the creative design process and shortly after opened a small company and boutique in the East Village. Stylists and buyers quickly spotted the new talent, as her store became a regular destination for fashion insiders and trend setters. Lola Hats were making headlines on the covers of Vogue, ELLE and many fashion publications worldwide.
Curiosity got the best of me and I could not help to learn the formula behind this stellar success…Let’s start with Lola, a creative mind, a fashion connoisseur, and a natural ‘people person’. That radiant smile and warm personality have attracted some of the best people in the field to work for her, some going for as far back as 25 years. For Lola it is of paramount importance that her team members work well together, and as a result sharing in the overall success. People come and leave work happy, energized, inspired, and ready to give their best every day.
Lola5The creative atelier with striking view of the Manhattan skyline, taking up the upper floor of a warehouse in the artistic Bushwick neighborhood, is filled with sunlight and instantly offers any guest a feeling of being welcomed.LOLA2
Lola is an avid follower of fashion and trends. Hats are accessories and therefore she likes them to be current with what is new in fashion at any given time. She attributes her brand success to its uniqueness.  Often choosing unpredictable color combinations, materials, themes, and/or unusual techniques.  For instance a brown hat with a bow (top image – on Brad Pitt) is developed from material with a prominent texture, while a bow pattern is shaved into the texture by a hair stylist on each piece in the set. Lola3
There is often an element of artistry, as well as practicality. Most of the Lola Hats can be folded into a purse friendly size, are ‘easy care’, and easy to wear by anyone with a busy lifestyle.  The brand has a tradition of of high quality and originality.  No wonder buyers keep sending endless orders from high-end stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, and Bergdorff Goodman, where you can find Lola’s new collection each season and add a fun piece to your own wardrobe.


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