Bahama Mama…quick stop in the Abaco islands.

Landing in the Bahamas is an unbelievable experience. Shades of aqua colors and the unique sunlight are hard to imagine before one gets to see them in person….very few places are so effortlessly photo-perfect…and while one begins to ‘take in’ the first visual impressions of the islands, the body instantly turns the power switch off in anticipation of a complete re-boot.
photo 5-3
Mornings on the Bahamian islands are a time of serenity. Relaxed heart beats sync with the rhythm of the waves, spilling over the white sand.  A gentle breeze and tropical crickets are the only sounds one can hear during the early hours in this peaceful destination.….
photo 4-6

A morning run on the secluded beaches, entirely deserted with no one on the horizon, is unspeakably soothing….this place almost feels like a different planet…
photo 3.PNG-2

There is the vast, crystal clear, ocean full of rich underwater life…there is the long strip of white flat sand….the only footprints on the beach belong to crabs roaming around…and there are hints of secluded islands afar, calling for adventure….fascinating beauty of untouched nature.

photo 2.PNG-3

A little town with a couple of mom and pop eateries, serve anything that one can harvest from the ocean…
photo 1.PNG-4
How indulging is it to wait for the plate to be prepared, while swinging over the water, sipping on a sweet ‘rummy’ Gombay Smash…

photo 4.PNG

Sunset hour?  Perfect, of course!….the colors and natural lighting of Bahamian sunsets are a dream come true for any photographer…and while one feels immensely relaxed, constant visual stimulation continues until the sun sets down…a perfect end to a perfect day in the Bahamas.

photo 1.PNG-3

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