Fashion ‘Month’ Spring-Summer 2015 is here. Plan your Fashion Weeks!

‘Fashion Month’ Spring Summer 2015 is here again with its exciting energy, but also a lot of running around and schedule juggling between the shows. Typically, Fashion Week shows run every day from 8AM – 9PM. Every show is in a different location, so prepare your daily agenda and don’t take chances. Whether in New York, London, Milan or Paris, plan on getting around the city. Fashion week traffic is heavy and even if the shows location may not be distant on the map, it can take up to an hour to get there.

Do NOT rely on taking cabs, if you can hire a driver! Getting a cab is nearly impossible at times and fashion week traffic takes a skillful “local” behind the wheel, who planned your schedule and route ahead of time and knows the shortcuts to get you there.
Squeeze in private showings and presentations where you can speak with the staff working for your favorite brand, ‘touch’ the fabrics, see the designs detail and educate yourself about the creative process of their development to understand the value, without the rush and pressure of the crowd.
Improvise! Traffic can entirely stop in the the narrow streets of the cities where a big fashion house show may about to start. Be ready to swapp your Louboutin heels for pair of flats, hop on a bike, walk, or run. Every year more attendees are getting places by foot as this may be the only chance to make it on time.
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Happy ‘Fashion Month’ Spring Summer 2015!!

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