Welcome to Havana!!

If you like history, colors, music, great food, beautiful beaches and authenticity, Cuba is a perfect destination for relaxing vacation filled with adventures. Old Havana made me feel as if time stopped back in 50s. Surrounded by colorful vintage cars, listening to Salsa playing from every corner of the city, sipping caffesito in the street cafes, or indulging in Floridita’s Daiquiri during happy hour (unless of course you stick to mojitos), make for a very authentic experience. The colorful buildings most definitely show dent of time, and that makes them very authentic. The more you see, the more you want to see…Cuban people are friendly, genuine, and extremely hospitable. One can stroll trough the narrow streets of Old Havana till late nights, and blend in with its residents as they chat on the balconies, or trough (always opened) doors of their homes. The city is inviting and safe. And don’t get me started on pristine beaches outside of Havana, or the most authentic Cuban food! Take a look…
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