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The best daily make-up routine for me, has to take a short time, offer essential nutrients to my skin, and create long-lasting effortless look.  After years of searching for the most effective combination of skin care products, I found my ideal one stop shop – Christian Dior. During my recent crash course with the DIOR Beauty team I learned that the art of application is equally important, especially when creating a natural look, that instantly takes off a few years. Here are my best picks taken from my day with DIOR.
Dior product1
After a thorough skin cleansing with Gentle Foaming Cleanser, that removes all traces of dirt, oil, makeup, and is great for my sensitive skin, I follow with DIOR One Essential serum. This product is my daily absolute ‘must have’, and it is to my face what multivitamins are for the body. DIOR One Essential serum detoxifies the skin and significantly boosts effectiveness of other DIOR products, while it can be combined with any skincare lines.
Followed by intensive moisturizer (applied on the face and neck), I like to focus on my problem areas under the eyes using L’Or De Vie eye cream, known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties, instantly reducing puffiness, and improving fine lines and dark circles.
dior product7
As per foundation, I go with partial skin coverage, as it offers a more natural appearance.  DIOR Forever Foundation nourishes the skin, provides comfortable smooth coverage with long wear, and pairs up well with my favorite next step product, Dior Pore Minimizer, that gives my face silky matte finish.
Dior fundation
After a touch up with DIOR Nude Air bronzing powder adding a sun kissed look, I use a soft color blush Rosy Glow, and gently apply along the cheek bones (following two lines – ear to the tip of the nose and ear to corner of the mouth). This makes my cheek bones stand out and create slimming effect for the face.
And of course consealer is every girl’s essential item. I love DIOR Diorskin Star Concealer, that does not streak and brightens up the area under the eyes, covering the dark circles.
We all know that great eye make-up is everything. I come to learn that the most natural look emphasizes the eyelashes and eyebrows, while using only natural color eye shadows and minimal eyeliner (if any, only along the top eyelid).
Dior eye products
Since my eyelashes are rather fine and need help with both body and the length, I use products offering an extreme effect. My favorites are DIOR Show Maximizer as a primer, before applying Dior Addict mascara and Dior Show Iconic lash curler. Additional two mascara products I like to alternate are Dior Show New Look or Dior Show Blackout.
Dior shadow
The color palette of Dior eye shadows is very broad. For the day time I like to stick with natural skin tone colors for the eyelid, with dark contour emphasizing the depth of the eye.
DIOR Universal Brow Styler not only gives my brows a desired shape, but adds body and creates a more expressive look. When I have time to play with the brow shape, I add one of the natural color shadows under the tip of the brow for better contrast.
Dior product2
And finally lips. I love so many Dior lip products! Can you see why?
Even for a natural look I never skip the lip contour pencil.  I like to use the colors just slightly darker then my skin tone.  Well contoured lips stand out and appear to be larger.
DIOR lipsticks (I prefer pink-redish tones for the day time and deep red for special occasions) are best applied with a brush, filling the contour delineated by the lip pencil.
Dior product5
A clear, shiny effect on the lips finishes my look. I use DIOR Lip Maximizer (my all time favorite for its lip plumping effect), or alternate with color options from a broad palette of DIOR Addict glosses, choosing color that blends with what I wear.
dior afterHere is the final look, that appears effortless, takes minutes to create or maintain during the busy day, while my skin is getting essential nourishment slowing its aging.

DIOR Beauty skin care is a home run for both, my day time routine, as well as special occasions. What do you think? Ready to try it?

Special thanks to Christian DIOR Beauty, Mimi Sheppard, Jonathan Valdez.

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