Power of high impact coat…

New statement coat each winter is my guilty pleasure. One of my most favorite designers, Josep Font, graced us this season with unique set of high impact coats from creative Delpozo ‘lab’. Cape style coats with colorful floral and faunal leather applications, are most perfect addition to a fall/winter wardrobe.
Whether choosing practicality, as gray color piece, easy care-easy wear (important for me due to frequent airplane rides), or aiming for a special occasion, bright color, delicate care outwear, either option from DELPOZO makes me stand up in the crowd and feel like a goddess…
Did you get your statement coat this season? I strongly recommend it… I think of it as an investment. Statement coats are timeless and will make you feel beautiful and most unique every time you wear them….


Turtle necks: DELPOZO
Boots: Maison Margiella
Eyewear: Celine

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